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New Frontier High School

At NFHS, we provide a multi-tiered, student centered, data-based approach to improve and accelerate the achievement of all of our students. We monitor the progress of every student and use the data to support and target areas of need.

Our Purpose

New Frontier High School serves two purposes for Lincoln County School District #1:

  • Assist students in developing the life skills necessary to achieve success in an educational setting
  • Provide an alternative education setting for students to complete their high school diploma program

From Our Principal

Dear Parents and Community Members,

New Frontier High School offers an alternative route toward high school graduation for students in grades nine through twelve. If your student is behind in credits or at risk in any way of not graduating, please consider having them complete an application and interview for acceptance to NFHS. Our mission is to assist students in graduating, becoming productive citizens, and preparing for post-secondary opportunities. 

Our schedule for the 2017-2018 school year is in progress. If you are considering attending NFHS next year, please contact NFHS at (307) 877.5819 with any questions or concerns. 


Dave Gardner

Dave Gardner


To apply at New Frontier High School, please follow the procedures below:

  • NFHS is open to students ages 14–21.
  • Complete the necessary enrollment application including:
    • Secure letters of recommendation.
    • Attend any additional required meetings with a counselor.
  • Attend a required New Frontier High School interview.

Advantages of Attending NFHS

NFHS is the perfect program for some students. Let us help you determine whether NFHS is right for you.

Below are just some of the advantages of the NFHS program. For more information, please see our handbook.

  • Smaller class size resulting in more 1-on-1 instruction
  • Limited exposure to other peer groups
  • Online computer classes
  • Less formal atmosphere
  • The Discovery Program
  • Differentiation of Instruction: Individual Learning Plan
  • Participation in athletics activities at KJSHS
  • Participation in LCSD1 extracurricular and KJSHS elective curriculum activities

We also acknowledge some limitations of attending New Frontier High School.

  • School bus service is not provided to the New Frontier High School building.
  • Students experience limited exposure to other peer groups.
  • Students must be determined to be “at-risk” to be eligible to apply for admission to NFHS.